The Hunter and its Prey!

I call this one“The hunter and its prey!”

In case you can’t tell from the picture, we’re moving onto another project here at the LittleTractorRanch… LTGal wants to move the garden beds from the middle of the yard to closer to the house… And surround them with 24×36 patio slabs. Probably somewhere around 54 slabs around 5 4×4 garden beds IIRC. Which means we have to clear a 9′ x 35′ patch of grass, dig it out a bit and lay down sand to put the pavers on… I have the sod cutter for the next two days over the Long Weekend… I might even need to wake Bror from his long slumber to see if we can use the Unicorn Loader to move great gobs of sod and dirt for us…

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