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Static Timing + Carb Swapping = ITS ALIVE! Well, sort of….

Thanks to a totally serendipitous PM from another forum member, I learned about the static timing options for Kohlers… In the tech manual for the 110, they talk about gapping the points to .020, then taking your timing light and … Continue reading

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… And I STILL smell like gas

So after an afternoon of working on Wally, I figured I’d better spend some time seeing about getting Ernie running… so this morning I ran out and bought a cheap brand new utility battery so I could treat Ernie right… … Continue reading

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Started Wally…. Sort of….

So, thanks to the good graces of Littletractorgal and Kidlet #2, who amidst prepping for a birthday party for Kidlet #1 and helping take care of Littletractorbabe still allowed me some tractor time, I was able to get out to … Continue reading

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…. and don’t forget Ernie!

Well, he’s gotten kinda short shrift, him being the first ANTIQUE tractor I have, AND the closest of the bunch to being a drive-able machine… So, with the permission of LTGal, I arranged to do a little something for Ernie … Continue reading

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No Vroom Vroom…. yet.

Well, folks, no “Vroom-vroom” to report today… Not even a “click-whirrrrrrr”… Just a “click”… Well, not even that… Bolted out of bed at 7:00 this morning, had my coffee and checked the forum, ate a bit of breakfast, then LTBabe … Continue reading

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More progress on Wally today…

Well, not a lot of pictures, ’cause I’ve been going hard…. Broke out the big torque wrench this morning and torqued the flywheel nut on to 75 lbs as per spec, without breaking any fins off the flywheel.Cleaned off Wally’s … Continue reading

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