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Last Night’s Work….

So, as promised, some more pictures about what I got done last night….First thing I did was go after Donor Frank to pull some bits out…. On the downside, after I pulled the cylinder cover off to get at the … Continue reading

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The drift question, answered….

Originally Posted by biker3777  set the punch on the end of the rod bolt and tap it.I just use a plastic hammer to tap the rod cap on the side just make sure it is not bound up. Quote: Originally Posted … Continue reading

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Started the cleanup and reassembly!

Convinced Kidlet#2 to come babysit LTBabe (since LTGal is down with the first of the nasty Fall colds  ), so I could get back to work on Bror…. Decided to cleanup the crankcase cover first, so cleaned up a big bucket, … Continue reading

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Score!!! A donor engine and hydro pump!

So, answered an ad on Kijiji on the weekend, a guy outta town had a hydro pump, ram and lift hardware from a 1968 112h. Cross-referencing the pump on the parts catalog told me it was the same one as … Continue reading

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Well, not REALLY tractor time….

But related….. eventually…. Have had this sitting out in the garage for a month, waiting for me to put it together… Started at 9, its now 4:30…. ALMOST done…. It came from the factory, pre-dented… great… I spose I shoulda … Continue reading

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