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Building an electrolysis tank

For some reason, I seem to be collecting a whole lotta rusty old tractor parts… And I don’t have a big enough compressor to run a blaster.. So for some time, I’ve been thinking about an electrolysis tank, something like … Continue reading

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Tractor Deconstructionism

Well, if anything, the fate of Cranky should help keep Wally in line! There’s only about three more things to take off Cranky’s frame before he’s totally deconstructed, then a few more things to pull off the pedestal.  He actually … Continue reading

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A quick update on the pressure washer

Well, the repair was a total (ha ha) blowout!  If anything, its leaking MORE than before…  I COULD still use it, but I’d need the optional bathing suit.   I went out today and purchased a 10″ #2 Phillips screw … Continue reading

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Takin’ Apart Cranky!

I began in earnest the process of stripping as much off of poor Cranky (my donor machine) as I could…. Started with the variator handle. as Cranky’s is in better shape than the one on Bror… Getting this part off … Continue reading

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My FIRST JB-Weld Repair Job

So, having heard so much about JB-Weld on MyTractorForum, the great things it can be used for (“A tube of JB Weld’ll fix that tractor RIGHT UP!”  ), I figured I’d try it out… The patient: A Simonize 1700s pressure washer, … Continue reading

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Back to work on Bror… Finally

Well, I didn’t get out as early as I would have liked this morning, but I got working on Bror again. It occurred to me where I had left off with him… I had decided last fall that it would … Continue reading

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