Takin’ Apart Cranky!

I began in earnest the process of stripping as much off of poor Cranky (my donor machine) as I could…. Started with the variator handle. as Cranky’s is in better shape than the one on Bror…

Getting this part off has always kinda stumped me, but I KNEW it had something to do with the roll pin in the base of the variator handle…

To make it easier to get to the roll pin, I took the quadrant off of the side of the pedestal so I could push the variator arm almost horizontal…

Then I figured out which roll pin punch it would be:

Got the roll pin started (bear with me, this is the FIRST one of these I’ve ever done, so I’m learning LOTS! Like hold the roll pin punch with a set of vice grips so you have something to use to tap the punch back OUT, and keep the punch soaked with PB-Blaster so you CAN get it out!)

Once I got the roll pin out, I used my el-cheapo 3 arm gear puller to pull the arm off the shaft… This is actually the FIRST thing it’s been useful for! Worked really well!

And voila! The variator shaft is exposed!

I DID get the variator pulley off as well, but THAT took a LOT more work! Pulled the steering column/steering box and the tie-rod ends too. Next I’ll pull the front rims, and as much of the lift linkage as I can. Wonder if I should pull the footrests just in case?

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  1. Little Tractor Gal says:

    I know it is just the reflection from the canopy, but I love how it looks like Barbie has spray bombed your tractor.

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