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Progress on the Garden Beds

Well, been moving sod, getting concrete delivered, rototilling rock hard dirt and moving the dirt to try to make sure we’ve rototilled deep enough… I call this picture OneDeadTractor. Was just pushing along, and he stalled out. Then he wouldn’t … Continue reading

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The Hunter and its Prey!

I call this one“The hunter and its prey!” In case you can’t tell from the picture, we’re moving onto another project here at the LittleTractorRanch… LTGal wants to move the garden beds from the middle of the yard to closer to … Continue reading

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Got the rototiller all mounted up on Wally

Took a lot of work and fiddling, but here we are! The big thing I learned is why my grandfather had one of his rear wheels set to wide stance and one set to narrow on Bror. It was because … Continue reading

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Had a really busy day in the front yard yesterday!

Well, yesterday was a busy day for me in the front yard… I was very productive! Let’s see… I… Mowed the lawn, removed a rotty old tree stump, weeded the lawn, dealt with my terrible ant problem in the lawn… … Continue reading

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All My Deeres are finally home!

So I got a chance today to get out to my off-site storage to retrieve Krusty, all of his attachments and my six boxes of parts that comprise my 1.5 dehydrated 110s, Krusty’s spare parts and the bits of the … Continue reading

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They’re like baseball cards!

Ya just can’t help wanting to trade’em around!  And its even better when two MTF’ers can have a chance to meet!Anybody recognize this handsome devil?  The one on the left, I mean, with the luxuriant beard! Lance Skene and his … Continue reading

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Krusty’s Home!

Went out and hocked Krusty out of one of my dad’s warehouses today, where he’s been sitting patiently since I dropped him off last September. Here he is in his new home!  For those of you who are wondering, Krusty … Continue reading

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An update on Ernie…

So, if you recall, I sold Ernie last Fall…  He went to a good home…  I’ve been keeping in touch with the person who bought him, and got these pictures a while ago….   Maybe I should hire him to … Continue reading

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Excitement in the Kitchen Tonight

But its not what you think! Trust me! No, I wasn’t cooking, and; No, there were no EMS personnel called!  LTGal was making up a big batch of chicken cacciatore for supper, and was just opening the oven door to … Continue reading

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Tractors come, and tractors go…

Wow!  Months since I posted anything!  Its been a busy summer!  Taking care of LTBabe while LTGal worked in July, working on bathroom renos like a fiend in August….  LittleTractorGal, however, has let me do a BUNCH of tractor-y stuff … Continue reading

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