Excitement in the Kitchen Tonight

But its not what you think! Trust me! No, I wasn’t cooking, and; No, there were no EMS personnel called! 
LTGal was making up a big batch of chicken cacciatore for supper, and was just opening the oven door to put the cheese on when she said,

“There’s something on fire in the oven.”

Of course, rather than running for the fire extinguisher (which occurs to me is still out in the garage in case of Wally- or Bror-related pyrotechnics), I came over to have a look-see…

Nope, it wasn’t fire, not at least by the time I got there. More of a bright-orange, molten-looking light… So we shut’er down and the “fire” immediately stopped.

Most of you probably know what just happened. Pretty sure some of the juice from the chicken overflowed onto the element, super-heating it until it cracked, and what I was seeing was the arc-ing of the cracked element melting the metal outer layer of the element.

Reached into the oven after it cooled and went to undo the element screws, and the thing broke into two pieces…

Its pretty impressive, what arc-ing electricity can do! Kinda like reverse-welding, in your kitchen!

Guess I’m off to the parts place tomorrow morning…

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