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More questions about fuel tank sealants

Okay, MORE questions about using the POR-15 Fuel Tank Sealer…..So, the autobody place where I bought it didn’t actually have any SMALL cans of fuel tank sealer, so I got this one: I’m betting a quart can is just a … Continue reading

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Houston, we have ignition!

So…. Is the suspense getting to you all yet?  Some good news, some bad news… Stoonboy made it over early, even before I’d gotten home (I had to run Kidlet #1 to the library to pick up some books for … Continue reading

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I’d like to introduce you to….

the latest member of the Littletractor family… Say hello to Cranky! Cranky is a 1966 JD round-fender 110 manual lift (just ignore what the hood says). Cranky’s claim to fame (according to the PO) is he was found at the … Continue reading

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Back where I was, three weeks ago!

Well, the folks on MTF inspired me to get back out and get to work…. Ran downstairs, grabbed the good battery and hiked out to the garage with it… Tossed it on the charger, thought I’d spend a few minutes … Continue reading

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