Houston, we have ignition!

So…. Is the suspense getting to you all yet? 

Some good news, some bad news…

Stoonboy made it over early, even before I’d gotten home (I had to run Kidlet #1 to the library to pick up some books for her History project… Sorry for the wait there, Randy!), we sat for a bit to wait for Greensail… had a nice yak about tractors and life in general until Greensail called… Unfortunately, his wife wasn’t feeling well tonight, so he told us to go ahead, he’d see about joining us a bit later…

So, fire extinguisher and camera in hand, we got Bror pushed out to the middle of the garage,

poured some gas into the tank and tried to turn her over. Here’s the series of videos that Stoonboy and I shot tonight with the TractorCam (thanks, Karin, for the spiffy old camera of yours, it came in handy!).

For those of you who want to cut to the chase, check out the last two videos… Those of you who appreciate the full, rich experience, here’s all five videos we shot tonight
REMEMBER the fuel shut-off!

Checking the Sediment Bowl

One more try…

Houston, we have ignition!

Up to speed!

Greensail DID make it out for a bit, we fired it up for him with just a BIT of gas down the aircleaner, and we had a good 20-second run before the muffler started smoking enough to make me nervous and I shut her down!

So, the BAD news is, I’m not getting any fuel to the carb from the tank… Two things… First, my fuel line IS going somewhat “uphill” from the the bottom of the sediment bowl, across and over the generator mounting brace and around the outside of the shrouding… I know its supposed to go THROUGH the shrouding on the 112 with the 10 horse Tec, but my shrouding is a bit loose and I’m leery of that… However, I agree with Stoonboy, its odd that it seems like it HAS to go over top of the generator mount…. Anyone out there with a 112 RF, can you take a minute to go look at your gas line… I of course can’t find any pics of how the OLD one ran before I took it off… DOH!

The other problem is, I can’t get any gas out of the tank through the sediment bowl… We pulled off the sediment bowl, and found some crud in the upper parts of it, likely enough to block the fuel flow. Greensail is right, I should really go get the tank lined… Also need to reclean the sediment bowl, I think, and dry it out really well… Off to find a rad shop who might be able to do the tank for me!

And, we didn’t burn the garage down or hurt ourselves! And I got to meet another MTF’er in person! A fun night had by all!

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