All My Deeres are finally home!

So I got a chance today to get out to my off-site storage to retrieve Krusty, all of his attachments and my six boxes of parts that comprise my 1.5 dehydrated 110s, Krusty’s spare parts and the bits of the donor 160 from 3 summers ago.  Here they all are, in the NEW tractor tent (aka, my former car port, one of those Shelter-Logic shelters).  All this leaves out in offsite storage are the blower, the tiller and some front rims from 110s and rears from the 160.  So, in the picture you can see Krusty, the 165 from Lance, the 112 SF ALSO from Lance and… if you look carefully you’ll spot the frame from Dehydrated Deere (I’ll have to come up with a better name than that… Maybe Poseidon)…  Soon, very soon, I’ll start moving bits from Lance’s 112 over to Poseidon, to make him a rolling chassis.

So, I’m pretty happy to have all the Deeres back home now…  However, as an aside, the birds are NOT happy with me…  The Tractor Tent backs onto our alley, but where, in the old place I had a 6 foot fence with privacy slats to deter people from poking around, at the new place the fence is only a 4 footer… and its a gate with no privacy slats.  So, I figured I’d close the “flap” on the outside end of the shelter and zip it shut, something I haven’t done, ever, at the new place.  So I had JUST finished zipping it shut and was closing the hatchback on the car when suddenly I was dive-bombed by a furious robin!  It hadn’t occurred to me, but I had seen the robins, over the past two summers, flying OUT of the carport…  So, of course, they must fly IN from the other end!  I think I just put a serious crimp in their migration patterns!  Man o man was it MAD!  Good thing I don’t speak Robin, it was certainly chirping up a storm at me!

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