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Got another 110 on the way

So I called a guy last week who was advertising John Deere 110 parts on kijiji… Turns out, Joe was looking specifically for parts for his J D 140 H1… A model I happen to have sitting out in my … Continue reading

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Steering Wheels and a Cautionary Tale…

Whoo hoo! I’ve been constantly thinking, I should replace the steering wheel on Bror at some point… Beating on it to try to take it off, in addition to the wonderful shape its in, means its NOT particularly nice… So, … Continue reading

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Argh!!! One step forward, two steps back!

So, I went out tonight, did up the bolts on the battery case, popped the gas tank on, got the fuel line connected, then put my battery in… Followed the manual and ran a lead from the battery terminal of … Continue reading

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The Electrical…

Okay, since I’m up ANYWAY waiting for LTBabe to head back to sleep… Here’s what I got done tonight…Printed out the relevant pages about electrical system from the tech manual, then did a really good read about how the system … Continue reading

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SHOCKING! Electrical is all hooked up!

There, electrical is all hooked up…. More pics and description and stories tomorrow, as I’m bushed…. JUST hooked it up, tho… I resisted the urge to whomp the battery charger onto the system and flip the switch… Since after all, … Continue reading

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Getting closer

Well, got the garage cleaned out for LTGal, did all the pre-winter cleanup (hoses away, rain barrels away, patio table stowed, snow shovel and ice chopper retrieved from the garden shed) then did a bit more halloween plumbing for kidlet … Continue reading

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Tiny bit of work done today…

Took the afternoon off today, but not REALLY to work on tractors, LTGal had to work a 2:30 to 10:00 shift today so I was on deck for parenting… Sooooo…. LTBabe and I went on a road trip…. Got HER … Continue reading

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Work over the past couple of days…

So, I pressed on after the unfortunate flywheel incident… Figured before I got much more strapped onto the engine, I’d better reinstall the points…. Here’s the old ones, and the fibre rod, which I can’t get a new one of, … Continue reading

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Some days, I JUST don’t understand….

Okay, so I just don’t really understand…. Off I went to a local major auto franchise place that shall remain nameless (to protect the innocent) to pick up some ant-seizing compound… Now granted, I’ve NEVER bought it before so I … Continue reading

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Whoo HOO! Found the bolts!

Whoo hooo!! Found the flywheel shroud bolts! Okay, moving on… Out to get some sort of Never-Seize to coat the flywheel shaft with! (the bolts were stuck in the bag with the governor bits!)

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