Argh!!! One step forward, two steps back!

So, I went out tonight, did up the bolts on the battery case, popped the gas tank on, got the fuel line connected, then put my battery in… Followed the manual and ran a lead from the battery terminal of the voltage regulator to the A terminal of the generator to polarize the generato-ZAP-Chug, chug, chug! as it turned over (and scared the hmm-hmm outta me!).

Okay so THIS is a good sign! Put the screwdriver into the keyswitch, and this is what I got!

GREAT! Really moving along! Make the movie, figure I’ll turn it over again, turn the keyswitch -szzzzzorch- o crud SMOKE! Key off, still smoke, whip the wingnuts off the battery and pull it so I can see what the heck is smoking… Smoke stops, by then I can see that the generator light lead is totally melted…

Off comes the gas tank, pull all the wiring and the key switch… Key switch still tests good with the meter, pulled the gen light holder, its pretty toast.. Wiring harness still tests good with the meter. Put the battery charger on the generator, it still turns. Battery charger to solenoid, a good thunk… Think MAYBE the gen light shorted to ground, but its too melted now to be able to tell… Take it out of the circuit, hook things back up, carefully turn the key-ZAPPOP!

Uh okay… lets not do that again….

Pull all the wiring, pull the panel, pull off the voltage regulator, pop the case on the voltage regulator…..

Pretty sure that winding is not SUPPOSED to look all burnt and melted.


And THAT was the regulator that was in GOOD shape…. Gonna have to do some soldering on the other, ’cause there’s a bad lead on it…


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