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Neutral Start Switch for Ernie

Well, Ernie looks like he’s the front-runner for snow pushing this winter… I got the fuel leak issues resolved by putting a newer style shutoff valve on him, I put a set of lights, wheel weights and chains on him, and … Continue reading

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Post-Mortem on Wally

Okay, I admit it…. DieselDave, you were right…. That knocketa-knocketa-knocketa sound…. The quietness of Wally’s engine, the apparent lack of power…. Had a minute tonight so I thought I’d just go pull the head off Wally as a start to … Continue reading

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Bad news for Wally…

Well, bad news and more bad news…. I was lying awake the other night reviewing what I did for Bror’s engine, and after reading about a different engine teardown, it occurred to me,,,  I didn’t wash out Wally’s cylinder after honing, … Continue reading

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Aaannd, we’re OFF!

Whoo hoo!!! Bit of nice weather this afternoon, so I went out and dropped Wally’s gear oil out (it was pretty dark but NO water, and the plug magnet had a fair schwack of metal shavings on it, not good), … Continue reading

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More work tonight… In the dark… and cold..

So, thanks again to the good graces of LTGal, I was able to go out and do some work after supper tonight…. And a lovely supper of Alton Brown’s deep fried buttermilk chicken (adapted for oven) it was!So, took my … Continue reading

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