Aaannd, we’re OFF!

Whoo hoo!!! Bit of nice weather this afternoon, so I went out and dropped Wally’s gear oil out (it was pretty dark but NO water, and the plug magnet had a fair schwack of metal shavings on it, not good), spent 20 minutes pumping new oil in (I’m assuming you stop when it starts running out the fill hole). Fired Wally up, let him warm up until I could run the throttle up to full speed (what’s up with THAT? He stalls out if I advance the throttle unless he’s warm… and still coughs a bit even after he’s warm). Shut him down, hopped on (because I don’t think there’s any way I can “hop on” while he’s running, not without grinding some serious gearage), fired him up, pushed in the clutch, dropped him into 1st aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnndddd…..

Off we crawled!

Hurray Hurray! Tried reverse, 2nd and 3rd (didn’t try 4th, because my back yard’s not that big and I don’t have the nerve), most importantly I tried the brake… Which works! Hurray!

Downside is, I don’t think the variator’s doing anything….

No pics or movie because I was there by myself so nobody to hold the camera….

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