Bad news for Wally…

Well, bad news and more bad news….

I was lying awake the other night reviewing what I did for Bror’s engine, and after reading about a different engine teardown, it occurred to me,,,  I didn’t wash out Wally’s cylinder after honing, before putting him together!!    DOH!!!!  So, I’ve checked in with some small engine guys, and its looking like I better open him up again…  Although the damage may already be done…

So, I was gonna fire Wally into the garage today and start a teardown, but Mother Nature had other ideas…. I think my outside tractor-working days are over for this year…. Once the snow starts stayin on the ground, its only a matter of time… So, instead, I decided to cut my losses, get Ernie going this morning, pull Wally’s engine (in the freezing wet) and at least haul IT into the garage, then huddle Wally and Cranky up for warmth,

Posted Image

Tuck them into their nice warm blanky,

Posted Image

and put them to bed for the winter.

Posted Image

Note to self for future reference, take the shelter top off BEFORE it snows! Had to come in to dry off…

So this afternoon is a trip out for longer carriage bolts for Ernie’s wheel weights, then bashing the rust off of the chains from Bror, and going hard to prep LittleTractor and Ernie for winter….

If its a balmy winter, I may try to dig into Wally’s engine to see what damage I’ve done… According to the book, doing a compression test is difficult because of the ACR in the K181… I’d love to do one, so I can see what’s going on… So, suggestions are welcome….

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