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What I got done today… I had a gas!

Well, I figured that if I was ever going to get the carb strapped back on and the engine back in and the electrical done, I’d need to go through the fuel system… So, today, thanks to the good graces … Continue reading

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Some measurement questions…

So I got some good advice on MTF about where to go with honing… Quote: LTG- time to break out those fancy measuring tools you got earlier- Measure the piston 90 degrees from the wrist pin. write that down Measure … Continue reading

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Cleaned the Intake Passage

Well, I figured if I was gonna strap the beautiful restored carb on, I couldn’t leave the intake passage looking disgusting… So out came the dremel and some sanding wheels…

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Amazing, just amazing!

Wow! Mark at Carbrescue has done an amazing job! Just picked it up from the post office! Now if I can ever get LTBabe to go to sleep, I’ll get back out and hammer down on getting things back together!

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Did the honing tonight… I hope…

So, I screwed up my courage tonight, and hopefully DIDN’T screw up my cylinder.  Hopefully I followed all the MTF advice I got well enough… So, what do you all think? Still some marks on the cylinder wall where the … Continue reading

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Another cool tool for helping with the resto!

These were on sale at Princess Auto for half-price, so I mentioned it to Dad… And since HE’S got a big compressor AND some things to sandblast too….  I’ll put it together over the next little while, then haul it … Continue reading

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The NEW tires for Bror

So I’ve HAD these tires since early in the restore process, just thought of taking a picture of them tonight… These came from a friend of mine, Morris, who bought them when he was originally going to restore a similar … Continue reading

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Beating up on MORE tires!

Well, I had some time tonight, as LTGal was out at a movie and we pressed Kidlet#2 into babysitting LTBabe… But I just haven’t worked up the nerve to hone the cylinder yet… So, I thought, after my adventure in tires … Continue reading

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Getting some winter rims/tires ready

So, last spring, LTGal suggested I look at getting a set of winter tires/rims for LittleTractor… Ones that I could fill with fluid (for extra weight/traction) and leave the chains on year round…  So, I tried buying two new rims … Continue reading

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