Some measurement questions…

So I got some good advice on MTF about where to go with honing…
LTG- time to break out those fancy measuring tools you got earlier-

Measure the piston 90 degrees from the wrist pin. write that down

Measure the bore. Write that down. Make sure you get an average measurement- it will not be the same everywhere.

If the side clearance ( the difference between the above measurements ) is greater than , oh, say about .007″, then don’t hone much anymore. A sloppy bore will result in piston slap ( rocking side to side under load)

Good time to check your ring end gap too.

Here is a site that I refer to once in a while, but setups for your engine may be a touch different.…eedpiston.html

Looks like you smoothed things out , and are starting to get a cross hatch pattern going. I would use more ( quicker) up/ down movement as you spin the hone, whoosh whoosh whoosh, not w h o o s h, w h o o s h …

Okay, got some questions about this measuring thing, then… so for the measurement 90 degrees from the wrist pin, do you mean like this?

which gives me 3.2270

or like this?

which gives me 3.3015.

I’m guessing option 2

For the cylinder, I’m assuming I use the inside calipers and then measure them… like this

which give 3.3045 to 3.3055…

Haven’t put the rings on yet… Should I be doing that before I measure?

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