More work tonight… In the dark… and cold..

So, thanks again to the good graces of LTGal, I was able to go out and do some work after supper tonight…. And a lovely supper of Alton Brown’s deep fried buttermilk chicken (adapted for oven) it was!So, took my Kohler carb kit and installed it on Wally’s carb

Then took Ernie’s coil and condenser (because I know they work)n and on a whim, took a look at Cranky’s points (Cranky had a REALLY nice wire going from his points to the coil… When I looked at the points tonight, they’re pretty much brand new!)… Took the points, the coil and the carb out, set up the work light (because its dark by 7 pm here now)… Dropped the new points on, redid my static timing, dropped the coil and condenser on, put Wally’s carb on, cleaned up the end on the fuel line, tightened the screw on the bottom of the carb so it wasn’t damp with gas…

Rolled Wally out and turned the key and -POOF- White smoke out of the air intake on the carb! CRUD! A few putt-putt-putts, more white smoke… A bit of running, white smoke puffing out of the exhaust port threads… Tightened the muffler up a bit (in case I need more back pressure or something geeky like that )…

Several more tries with little more success, and I got frustrated and turned off the fuel valve in preparation to come in….


Just before coming in, I thought I’d try it one more time… Closed the choke, turned the key….

And got this….

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