Some days, I JUST don’t understand….

Okay, so I just don’t really understand…. Off I went to a local major auto franchise place that shall remain nameless (to protect the innocent) to pick up some ant-seizing compound… Now granted, I’ve NEVER bought it before so I wasn’t too sure where it would be, or what it would look like… So, I go in and stop at the parts counter and say….

“I’m looking for some anti-seizing compound, like Never-Seize…”

“Oh,” says the kid behind the counter (they’re ALL kids, compared to me), “Like WD-40”.

“No, something to apply to, say, shafts, BEFORE you put, like, a flywheel on, so that it doesn’t seize onto the shaft”.

“Oh…… Um, well, I don’t know if we HAVE anything like that, but all our GREASES are over there, and all our LUBES are up over there.”

Oh. So I look through the grease section and don’t find anything. So I go over to the lubrication section and hunt around in THERE for 15 minutes, reading labels and checking cans and so on…. While I’m standing there looking flummoxed, a friend of mine I haven’t seen for 6 months happens by…

“Hey, whatcha up to?” he says…

So I tell him my sob story about not being able to find any Anti-Seize….

“Of course they have it! I just bought some the other week… Its right over here!”

And there, tucked into a teeny tiny corner of the back edge of the grease shelf is this:

So, I make sure to go back to the parts counter, where the kid is still standing, and I say (nicely)…

“Just so you know, THIS is anti-seize…”

“Ooooohhh, ANTI-SEIZE! For like, copper-plating your shafts! Right!”

Good thing I didn’t have my big brass-handled cane there….

Some days, I JUST don’t understand….

Okay, back to installing a flywheel!

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