I’d like to introduce you to….

the latest member of the Littletractor family…

Say hello to Cranky!

Cranky is a 1966 JD round-fender 110 manual lift (just ignore what the hood says). Cranky’s claim to fame (according to the PO) is he was found at the end of a driveway in Nevada (I believe) with a “Free” sign on him due to the snapped connecting rod (hence the name, Cranky… Connecty just didn’t sound right) and transported all the way back to Saskatchewan for (hopefully) repairs and restoration. The PO did think that Cranky was a hydraulic lift, due to the hood and the fact that there was a hydro pump hanging around with him when he was picked up… But on closer inspection (once I unloaded him), Cranky has NO hydraulic ram or hoses, and actually no rear lift mechanism at all… I’m going to have to look a bit more closely at THAT… And, looking up Cranky’s serial number (1031-042050) in my technical manual indicates he was always a manual lift… (10 – its a 110 3 – the tire designation 1- type of lift (1 = manual) – 042050 – the 1966 run of tractors). Other than the lack of hydro and lift mechanism, oh and being short a muffler, and the broken connecting rod, Cranky is in pretty primo shape for what I paid… Which is nothing… Well actually I’m trading a 140 H1 of unknown functionality and provenance for Cranky… Which MAY seem like I’m kinda getting the short end, but I REALLY like the old round fenders! He’s in a LOT better shape than I was expecting, taking him sight unseen…

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  1. I really really like your blog, its a great resource for John Deere mechanics, and not to mention its just brings back so many memories looking at pictures of old JD machines. great work!

    • littletractorguy says:

      Thanks Paul… How many of these old machines do you guys see coming through your shop? I’m still looking for a snow blade for mine! 🙂

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