Back where I was, three weeks ago!

Well, the folks on MTF inspired me to get back out and get to work…. Ran downstairs, grabbed the good battery and hiked out to the garage with it… Tossed it on the charger, thought I’d spend a few minutes out there and take stock…. Not too many pictures tonight, tho, as I found my camera batteries like the temperature in the garage less than I do… I got no pictures out of ONE of them, and two out of the other after “fully” charging it…

So, while I was waiting to see if the “new” tractor battery would do anything on the charger, I dug out the replacement voltage regulator… NOT as nice of shape as the one I HAD  …. Some corrosion inside the case, case was pretty battered, gasket was damaged… So, swapped off the case, gasket, terminal screws and the plates from underneath the terminal screws, cleaned up all the contacts with a file and some steel wool… Dug out the new generator light assembly, went to pull the bulb out, it was rusted in place… So, cleaned it off with some steel wool, tested the bulb, no goo (no surprise)… Socket was rusty, so filed it a bit cleaner, threw some WD-40 into it… Ah heck with it, lets go for broke and rewire the tractor, while I’m already out and cold. Used some of the wiring that came with Greensail’s voltage regulator (the REALLY in good shape green field lead) that I had misplaced last time. Got’er all wired up, went over to look at the “new” battery….

QUIZ time! 

For me to check my understanding…. When I put the battery on, the ammeter on my charger didn’t even jiggle… Little spark off the positive terminal, but that’s it… Left it sit for the 2.5 hours I was out in the garage tonight… No change. Still sitting at 0 amps. THAT tells me this sucker ISN’T charging… Correct? What should I do?

a) ditch the electrolyte somehow and put fresh distilled water in it?
b) get a different, better battery?

I’m leaning toward b… Greensail, you and I should talk about your extra battery…

Okay, so, now what? I wonder…. Waitaminit, I’ve got a good battery not 15 feet away… In Littletractor! Out comes my 7/16 socket wrench, pop out the battery, whip it over to Bror, strap it in…. Following the instructions in the tech manual, I polarize the generator by briefly connecting a lead between the A terminal on the generator and the Batt terminal on the voltage regulator -SNAP-chug-chug-chug!

Well THIS looks positive! No smoke yet, good OR bad, but the generator still seems to work… Grab the little screwdriver, turn the keyswitch to on… Still no smoke! BONUS! Turn the keyswitch to start – chug-chug-chug-chug! But a LOT faster than the LAST time! Grab the spark tester, turn her over again, GOOD spark, turning over fast enough that I figure I could achieve ignition… and STILL no smoke…

Sooo… Next steps: Get a better battery (’cause I don’t want Littletractor to be outta service at all since they’re calling for more snow here soon); Strap back on the gas tank and connect the fuel line… Fill’er with gas and go for broke! THAT one I DO want other people around for, at least to help put out any fires…. Greensail, whatcha doing Saturday or Sunday morning?

So, since what would a post be without SOME pictures, here’s Bror with a reasonable battery in him, just after I cranked him over… Look! No smoke!

And here’s the replacement starter-generator pulley I picked up from the fellow in New York who sent me the replacement voltage regulator…. He also sent me a flywheel, BUT, its a bit too short (looks like it was from a Tec with early electronic ignition or something) AND it has a fin broken off too! In almost exactly the same place! Oh well… Think I’ll stay with the one I’ve got for now…

Oh yeah! ONE MORE

Quiz Question

So, as I look at the engine turning over from the PTO side (right-hand side) of the tractor, its turning COUNTERCLOCKWISE… So… Is that correct? Just wanna make sure there isn’t something terribly wrong here before I go put gas in…

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