Tractors come, and tractors go…

Wow!  Months since I posted anything!  Its been a busy summer!  Taking care of LTBabe while LTGal worked in July, working on bathroom renos like a fiend in August….  LittleTractorGal, however, has let me do a BUNCH of tractor-y stuff in the last month or so…  First was the big tractor trip out to Team_Green’s place outside of Edmonton to pick up THIS:


Its a John Deere 60 lawn tractor, circa 1969…  Team Green is relocating, and wanted the tractor to go to a good home…


Its just as cute as a button, isn’t it?  And the pin striping on the hood adds additional appeal!


But, interestingly enough, it didn’t come with a mower deck.  So…  two weekends ago, LTGal and I drove 2300 kms round trip to Minnesota to pick up a mower deck for it!  Well, not JUST to pick up the mower deck.  There was also a Model 36 snowblower for a 110/112 in it for me…


some jeans for LTGal (its a long story!) and some meeting and greeting with some great folks from MyTractorForum!



From left to right, we’ve got MrBeef, MrsBeef, DieselPowered, Whirly, Nan, BilltheTractorman, and myself!

But, into every tractor-hoarder’s life, a little rain must fall!  There’s just not enough room for all these tractors, so one has to go!  Ernie was the first, really, but he’s kinda the odd man out!  No hydraulic lift, needs a fair bit of work to get into primo shape, and I haven’t had the time to do ANYTHING with him!


Someone may be coming to pick Ernie up on Sunday morning!

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