Hydraulic Pulley adventures!

Decided that I would bite the bullet and retorque the head bolts on Wally… To be able to get at the head bolts, I have to pull off his hydraulic pump… Which means pulling the pulley off the hydraulic pump… Sigh… Did I mention that my garage has eaten at least TWO of those little dinky keys off the hydro pulley pumps in the past? Make that… THREE now! So I DID something about it! Now that I’ve used up all the spare chunks of key I had lying around holding the spare pulleys onto my spare pumps, I actually went out and BOUGHT a length of key to cut my own!
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Ta DA! And, just to be thorough, I replaced the ratty, banged up key on Bror’s hydro pump too! Oh, and I retorqued the bolts on Wally’s head. Now I just have to put everything back together! The thing I learned today is that I really should start using the air impact more to pull those stubborn nuts off. I bent Wally’s hydro pulley a bit trying to use a pair of pliers to hold it still while I tried to wrench the nylock nut off the pulley… Thought, why don’t I fire up the BIG compressor and use the air impact? Took that nut off in no time flat!

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