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What a NICE summer day!

Well, today was officially a nice day! Weather-wise AND tractor-wise! Got back to working on Bror’s engine this afternoon… Here’s some details of what the engine shop did with the valve guides… Those look like copper sleeves… And I THINK … Continue reading

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More Man-Food By LittleTractorGuy

Well, I figure, since its been nearly two years since I posted my LAST hit recipe, I better, you know, post something for my legions of fans… I call this…Easy, Breezy Margaritas!1. Fill a 2 cup Mason Jar 1/2 full with … Continue reading

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Electrolysis Tank MK II Test run

I know you’ve all been on the edge of your seats wondering whether the Mark II tank was going to get running, be a big flop, or possibly brown out the entire neighbourhood…. Well, The wait is OVER! Here it is, … Continue reading

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Easter tractor playing

Well, happy Easter everybody… I stole away from the family festivities for a while to get some tractor-playing time in… Figured what I should do is pull the Tec HH100 out of Bror and get it ready to go into … Continue reading

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Mk II Electrolysis Tank setup

Well, in hopes that spring will EVENTUALLY arrive here, LTGal and I embarked upon the first stages of developing the Mark II Electrolysis tank… Which were to secure a more suitable, well, tank! So, off to Canadian tire we went, … Continue reading

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Uh oh! Little problem with Wally

Had a little problem with Wally yesterday morning… Was pushing snow, sitting on the nice warm cushy seat, pushed in the clutch and “SPANG!” I heard a noise even over the sound of the engine! And suddenly my clutch won’t … Continue reading

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There really are some awesome people on MTF!

  That certainly got reinforced for me in a most amazing way on Tuesday!LTGal and I were sitting down over our wheaties this morning when the postman rang the bell… We’d ordered a set of replacement cordless phone batteries from … Continue reading

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Happy happy LittleTractors!

Just had to share! The LittleTractor snow-fighting team is officially 2/3rds functional! Got Wally for pushing snow, and I FINALLY got Littletractor’s blower to work again! I changed the blower belt early in the fall, but didn’t actually DO a … Continue reading

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Some John Deere History

LTGal was out and about in town the other day, and snapped this pic of one of the buildings in our downtown warehouse district… This building is a warehouse that WAS until some months ago NOT accessible to the public … Continue reading

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Going for a little plow!

Well, at long last, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Went out to take my summer tires outta the car, wound up in the garage, and the call of the tractor was JUST TOO STRONG! And I even had … Continue reading

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