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Electrolysis Tank MK II Test run

I know you’ve all been on the edge of your seats wondering whether the Mark II tank was going to get running, be a big flop, or possibly brown out the entire neighbourhood…. Well, The wait is OVER! Here it is, … Continue reading

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Mk II Electrolysis Tank setup

Well, in hopes that spring will EVENTUALLY arrive here, LTGal and I embarked upon the first stages of developing the Mark II Electrolysis tank… Which were to secure a more suitable, well, tank! So, off to Canadian tire we went, … Continue reading

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Adventures in Electrolysis

Well, the adventures in electrolysis continue… This week, I’ve been branching out into helping friends… One of whom had a rusty sewer drain grate she wanted to do something with… Here’s some before shots… When I first put it in … Continue reading

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Building an electrolysis tank

For some reason, I seem to be collecting a whole lotta rusty old tractor parts… And I don’t have a big enough compressor to run a blaster.. So for some time, I’ve been thinking about an electrolysis tank, something like … Continue reading

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