Adventures in Electrolysis

Well, the adventures in electrolysis continue… This week, I’ve been branching out into helping friends… One of whom had a rusty sewer drain grate she wanted to do something with… Here’s some before shots…

When I first put it in and put the charger to it, it was only taking maybe a quarter amp, and I couldn’t figure out why. So apart came everything, cleaned it all up again and made sure my connections were good. Still barely any draw, so I added more washing soda… No change. Hmmmm. Finally it occurred to me, I wasn’t getting a good ground! Hit the top edge of the grate with the bench grinder to clean a spot to put my alligator clip ground on and, suddenly, I’m getting:

About midway through

The slag on the electrode

After another couple days in the tank, some scraping with the wire brush, several hits with the drill brush and the dremel tool..

Got it painted up with some Tremclad rust paint, did a second coat today… Couldn’t find my black, so we went with Glossy Key Lime Green… Have NO idea where we got this can FROM or WHY, but hopefully my friend won’t have to redo her whole laundry room based on her “accent sewer grate”!

I’ve been told it looks GRATE!


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