Clutch, Brake and Variator adjustment

Got out tonight to do the alignment on the brake, clutch and variator! Is a neat process, actually!

Disconnecting the variator linkage

Disconnecting the brake linkage

turn the engine over and pull the variator back to stop 3, then measure the distance between the bottom of the footrest and the clutch pedal… If its NOT 1/2 inch, adjust THIS guy until it is

Then adjust the linkage inside the access hatch… Make sure you pus it up so it rides at the top of the slot, then adjust the clevis until you can put the pin back in..

Reconnect the brake rod, turn the engine over and pull the variator back to notch 7 (slow speed).

Then adjust the brake rod’s clevis until the brake is ONLY applied after you get past this point!

Tres cool! Had trouble with frozen up clevises of course, as this has not been done in who knows HOW long, but everything freed up… Then I had trouble getting the clutch/brake down into the brake sector… EVENTUALLY I got it in there, I’m figuring it was bunged up with crud and working the pedal got it out. So I now have everything set so the brake works and I assume the variator and the clutch work… It was too late tonight by the time I was done to fire Bror up and take him for a drive… That and all the cranking I’ve been doing ran his battery down… Charger’s on, maybe tomorrow or Friday I can take him out and see how he shifts! I’m just happy I can get the brake pedal all the way down. Need to lube up the zerks I found while I was under there!

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