Easter tractor playing

Well, happy Easter everybody… I stole away from the family festivities for a while to get some tractor-playing time in… Figured what I should do is pull the Tec HH100 out of Bror and get it ready to go into the machine shop to get the valve guides done… So, pulled off all the hardware… the external governor stuff

(took this one so I’d remember what the spring settings were on reassembly)

the generator 

(took this one to remind me what kind of a PITA it is to get into the gen mounting bolts… Maybe when I put it back together I should come up with a chunk of 5/8″ rod to use instead).

Got everything pulled off, drained the engine, pulled the crankcase cover off and pulled the cam, the tappets and the piston… The only things I couldn’t get off were the governor spool

which is held on by a c-clip that is an absolute royal pain to get off… Maybe I’ll see if the engine shop I’m going to has any ideas about that…

the little spring-loaded stud from the side of the crank-case

because I’m not sure how the heck to take the spring out…

And the adjustable crankcase bearing cup

which I hadn’t realized until now was actually an adjustable piece! THAT’S what those shims do when you’re trying to adjust the crankshaft end play!

So this leaves me with a FAIRLY naked crankcase

So, tomorrow I call the shop and see if they can do a valve guide job on this puppy, find out what they would all need to have in order to do my valve clearances, and then I see about ordering 

AM31096 GASKET KIT 1 (CONSISTS OF (2) M41814, M42149, (2) M42221, M42179, M42180, M42181, M42193, M42194, M42195 AND M42202) ENGINE OVERHAUL


M41792 NUT 2

which are the lock nuts for the connecting rod.

Hopefully it will warm up some, its still too cold to be comfortable out in the garage…

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