Krusty’s Home!

Went out and hocked Krusty out of one of my dad’s warehouses today, where he’s been sitting patiently since I dropped him off last September. Here he is in his new home!  For those of you who are wondering, Krusty previously belonged to my friend Gerald, out in Alberta.  Gerald’s been downsizing, as he’s trying to move, and this little guy had to go.  So I drove out to Camrose last fall and picked him up.  Didn’t have enough room in the yard or the garage, so Krusty lived out in a warehouse for the winter.

along with the 32″ mower that came from MrBeef last fall… Hey if anyone knows where I could lay my hands on a set of lift straps for a JD 60 mower, let me know!

And the 40″ blade! This little beauty might be the first client for my Mark III electrolysis tank!

The dashboard is interesting… The PPO (Previous previous owner) did some exciting things with the electrical… Like, removing the key switch and replacing it with a toggle and a push button… Hmmm… That’s going to be my first goal with this machine, to try to return the wiring to as stock as possible. Already nailed down a key switch last winter (thanks, CementHead!), I’ve got the PDF of the technical manual (a big thank you to MrBeef for secretly shipping one up to LTGal so that I didn’t need to go postal on UPS, again), I’m just waiting on a donor wiring harness from a SF110 to arrive from its top secret location so that I can try to return things to as close to stock as possible (need the keyswitch plug… The rest of the wiring I can probably manage).

Its even MORE exciting BEHIND the dashboard! Must have been a fire sale on red wire…

The one with all the wires clipped off of it was the light switch… There’s still a pair of tail lights cut into the fenders, but everything is disconnected. There’s a plate welded into the grill where the front light must have been… I’ll probably rewire some tail lights, and possibly put some nice fronts on (since there’s some mounting holes on the hood post, it looks like).

Somehow, I don’t think this solenoid is stock. Can anyone confirm that?

Oh and look! A bypassed safety switch wire! Wonder where THAT goes?

There it is! Looks like the PTO safety switch. Hope it works! Tried looking for a neutral start switch, but it doesn’t look like there’s a bracket mounted. That may be task #2.

Its gonna be interesting to learn how THESE guys work!

Wonder what was connected here? “Accessory” for the lights, I’d guess

Theres a little bit of play in one front wheel, not sure if that’s normal or if something’s wrong/missing

Any suggestions how I could preserve this pin striping, LTGal wants me to try to save it!

All in all, just the cutest little tractor EVER! Haven’t really tried sitting on it yet, as I forgot the seat cushion in the garage (it needs a bit of work). Think I’ll focus on getting things rewired before I try starting it.

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  1. LAT says:

    Cut the red wire! No, wait…

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