My FIRST JB-Weld Repair Job

So, having heard so much about JB-Weld on MyTractorForum, the great things it can be used for (“A tube of JB Weld’ll fix that tractor RIGHT UP!”  ), I figured I’d try it out…

The patient: A Simonize 1700s pressure washer, which formerly belonged to my FIL…

I know, not the GREATEST pressure washer in the world, but it was free…

Problem is, he didn’t winterize it, and kept it out in the garage over the winter … And so, when I fired it up, it shot high pressure water out of a crack in the fitting on the high pressure side of the pump.

I don’t know anyone close who would be willing to weld this, or has the hardware to… So I figured I’d gamble ten bux and see if JBWeld would do the trick.

Ground a channel along where I BELIEVE the crack is,

Then mixed up the JBWeld and slapped it in!

Now I’m just waiting the 14-16 hours for it to cure totally before I see whether it works….

Whaddyou guys think? Did I waste ten bux? Or will I come out of this with a working pressure washer??

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