The drift question, answered….

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set the punch on the end of the rod bolt and tap it.I just use a plastic hammer to tap the rod cap on the side just make sure it is not bound up.
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Looking great LTG.After squirting some assembly lube up into the bore from the crank side, rotate that crank so you can get to the rod cap readily.

Take that drift , and place it above the rod cap bolt nuts, up on on the cap a bit but near the nuts . Give it a couple loving smacks with a hammer. … This will help in true alignment of the cap ( and thus the bearing surface ), relieves stress from assembly should it be cocked in any way due to oil / crud/ ugly bits in between the mating surfaces. I’d bet that the way those rod bolts are assembled at the plant they are only so ” true” to one another, and smacking the cap would help that too.

Then go about re- torquing the rod cap nuts per the manual. 

Okay, so I TAP it HERE!

And assembly lube can be any medium-weight oil, right?

So the OTHER good news last night was, the governor arm that I felt was a bit loose, I can get another out of Donor Frank…. I ALSO took some time last night to pull the valves, valve springs and keepers out of Frank. The springs at least look a lot better than the ones currently for Bror… The valves weren’t as crusty, and the intake cleaned up really nice, but I might as well stay with the valves I’ve got. Except for the head, which is crusty from an electrical fire, Frank seems to be in pretty good shape…

Oh, and I ordered the light for the sandblasting cabinet the other night…

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