More progress on Wally today…

Well, not a lot of pictures, ’cause I’ve been going hard…. Broke out the big torque wrench this morning and torqued the flywheel nut on to 75 lbs as per spec, without breaking any fins off the flywheel.Cleaned off Wally’s carb, checked the jets, got carb and air cleaner put back on. Air cleaner was pretty hideously dirty, shook the element as clean as I could. I’ll have to look at buying a new one. Stole a whole bunch of electrical parts off Cranky. Whoever had him before me, it looks like they put in a whole, brand new electrical harness into him, INCLUDING the piece of wiring that goes down to the neutral start switch… Although (despite the neutral start switch being THERE on Cranky) that chunk of wire was tucked up behind the dashboard with a jumper between the connectors and some duct tape wrapped around it… It also looks like whoever had Cranky sprang for a new ignition switch, there was BARELY ANY corrosion on the terminals AND the plastic was still white. Checked it with the multimeter, it functions 100%. So… That went into Wally as well. Wally already had the PTO safety switch, although it was not hooked up. So I swapped that over to the guard piece that I was stealing from Cranky to replace the one Wally’s PO had done surgery on to accommodate his home-made generator mount repair… So eventually, Wally will have both safety switches back in operation… For now, I’m leaving them disconnected while I test the engine. I’ll HAVE to remember that when I go to do a turnover test, as I don’t want Wally lurching everywhere and smashing my shelter! 

ALSO put Cranky’s nice generator mount into Wally. So, I’ve got ALL the electrical connected, just have to strap the engine tins on so I can hook the generator back up to the starter pulley, find a litre of 30wt oil to drop into him, then I’ll do an electrical system test to see if he turns over… Once I find the little arm piece from the throttle linkage and get the choke linkage hooked up, drop the fuel tank back on and hook’er all up, maybe I can have Wally running by tomorrow.. 

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