Battle scars and a post-mortem

So, some updates on Cranky… including details of my FIRST injury sustained during the work on Cranky!

(Guess I gotta take down that “4 injury-free days” sign!  )

So, this actually happened YESTERDAY…. It looks MUCH better today than it did shortly after the incident….

I had finished up pulling Cranky’s PTO clutch off, and went to close the socket set… Well, there was some long grass there that got caught in the tool box and I went to pull it out, and discovered it was… .SAW GRASS!!! YEOUCH!!!!! DANGIT #$@#$@#$@#@$@ That STINGS! Bugger bled for 20 minutes!

But I’m feeling much better now!

On to the Cranky post-mortem…. After supper, I had some time and decided I’d pull open Cranky’s crank case (after banging the PTO pulley off because I need it for Wally… You’re a pal, Cranky!)…

I think the pictures speak for themselves….

(I’d say, Cranky’s ring end-gap is a LITTLE excessive)…

So… New new plan… Let see if, in September I can afford a set of .010 over rings for Wally’s engine and get him to go nicely… THEN if he goes nicely, his engine swaps into Ernie and I do Ernie’s rings… And Cranky, well… He’s been a good sport about all this….

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