Been home sick today, slept most of the day… Got feeling a bit better and thought I’d go out and relax a bit doing some light stuff on Bror… So, thought I’d take some tractor forum advice and drop some oil into the transaxle for flushing it…. Took down my trusty oil bottle….

Trimmed the end of the nozzle so it would shoot oil out better, then I pull off the filler plug, and I’m squeezing away, getting oil into the transaxle… I decide to take a rest and pull the bottle out…. Waitaminit, something looks different!

Uh oh… I didn’t know that bugger CAME OFF! One guess where it is!

DOH! So, as if I didn’t have to before, I now HAVE to pull the transaxle… Or at least its just moved up my list of priorities somewhat…

So, this raises a couple of questions:

1) I wonder if moving a tractor with a 1.5″ plastic nozzle stuck in its transaxle is gonna do harm (or, significantly more harm than 20 years of weather exposure)?

2) What do people use for shooting oil into tiny orifices like on a transaxle?

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