Got a bit more done on the teardown today…

So, I took the day off today to play tractors, since the weather really didn’t cooperate yesterday and I had other things to do…  Figured I’d work a bit more on clearing things off of Bror so that I could have better access to hit the engine with a pressure washer sometime soon…

Pulled the fuel tank…  Think I might need to clean the sediment bowl…

Hmm... gas looks a bit cloudy!

Moved from taking the gas can off to trying to get the choke and throttle cables off… The big issue there is always the knobs… You can’t get the controls out with the knobs on, and I couldn’t figure out how to get the knobs OFF… Fortunately, they’re just pull-offs… but really hard pull-offs… Not like the wimpy ones you get THESE DAYS…

Look at how far that lever goes INTO the knob!

The throttle cable still has SOME motion, the choke cable is completely seized… I’ve thrown some WD40 into the ends of it, we’ll see… Interesting thing about these cables, they are the wire coil ones, I thought they were fastened into the control levers somehow… Turns out they thread into each of them… Cool!

Moved onto pulling the dashboard off so I’d have better access to the electrical within the pedestal… Here’s the ignition switch in the pedestal

Can YOU see it?

Bit hard to see, under the dashboard… All the more reason to remove the dashboard…  And the battery tray.

Here’s the dashboard removed, but the battery tray still there…

Diggin' in deeper!

Of course, what I DIDN’T realize is that the voltage regulator and solenoid are attached to the bottom of the battery tray:

Once I had the battery tray out, I could see right into the pedestal… And it wasn’t a pretty sight….


So, I fired up the air compressor, and got out the blow gun!


Quite a difference!  I actually went after the whole engine compartment now that I had it opened up a bit….  Got the front cleaner..  Here’s a comparison….




So, I feel a LOT better having gotten so much crud out… And in looking at the electrical I found that the solenoid still works (yay!) and the mechanical voltage regulator looks amazing!

Here’s the outside:

Voltage Regulator outside

Here’s the inside:

Voltage regulator, inside...

Looks like it just came from the factory!  Amazing, considering its over 40 years old… Dunno how to TEST it, but I hope it works as good as it looks!

So, I took the front posts off, and found THIS between where the front posts had been and the mount points:

Buckets o' Grease!

I am really finding that the mounds of grease HAVE done a fairly good job of preserving spots on this tractor!

So, I’ve got ONE more piece of metal to remove (I think) before I can pull the engine… Just can’t figure out how to get it out… I’ve missed a bolt I’m sure, AND this piece butts up against the muffler… Hope someone can tell me how to get the muffler off!So, all in all, a good day of wrenching… Slow but steady wins the race…

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