Thoughts about Bror’s Carb…

So, when I pulled the cylinder head off of Bror, here is what I found….

Bror's valves and piston face

Here’s what the carb looks like:

Bror's Carb, before


Bror's Walbro carb, the choke plate

Bror's throttle butterfly valve

So, that’s kinda disappointing to see.   The Walbro carbs for the JD 112/Tecumseh HH110 engine are kinda hard to find (read: impossible) so that would be a bit of a show stopper… However, while cruising MTF, I saw a post from a guy who runs So, on a whim, I PM’ed him to see what he thought… Here’s his response:

“Bring it on son. That’s pretty nasty. If the body isn’t rotted out, particularly under the bowl, it’s a walk in the park. By the way, I don’t just clean. I do full restorations and make any part on it that I need to. On top of that, I guarantee my work and that it will run like a new carburetor when I’m done. You just make sure you save those pictures for some before and after posting on here. Hehe. Be glad to do it for you if you decide the motor is good. ”

Soooo… Once I’ve had a chance to really tear into the motor and figure out whether its worth proceeding, I think I will send him my carb….

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