So is THIS a thin-walled socket?


So I got delayed a bit on tractoring tonight because Littletractorgal needed me to replace our main floor bathroom taps… the the old set was a standard round knob tap, all dungy and leaky, which she’s having trouble turning with her injured wrist… New set (which she’s been wanting to put in for a couple of years, but we were maybe gonna wait for the full bathroom reno) is a lever set…  So while I was down digging for tools to do taps, I happened across a couple of my grandfather’s old sockets…  And when I looked, I noticed, hey, these aren’t the same as my set out in the garage… Left hand socket above was my grandfather’s, right hand is mine.  Is THIS a thin wall socket? I thought perhaps to begin with, but then I compared the OD on them… No diff…  DOES thin-wall socket REFER to the OD?  Hmm… THERE’S a question…  When I google thin-walled socket images, I get a LOT styled like this one…

Oh, and I was wrong on the size, it was a 1/2 nut, not a 7/16…. Doh

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