Not really great day, but..Got the shaft keys off! Yay!

Today was not so good of a day, as LTGal’s bike steering failed on the way back from the bike repair place and she fell… Possibly a fractured wrist, so today was a lot of not good stuff, and trying to take care of LTGal…  Had a bit of time tonight tho after everybody else went to bed, so I figured I’d just go out and assess removing those keys, after getting more advice from MTF’ers…

I couldn’t budge the keys yesterday, so I decided to load up for bear… Found my big punch downstairs, hunted for my little one, couldn’t find it, packed up my Dremel tool and took it out in preparation for having to file out the keys, at the last minute grabbed my grandfather’s tiny chisel-like screwdriver (one I’ve used lots for bashing out little things…)

Out I went, decided I’d take the convincing mallet and the large punch to the flywheel key first….

DONK!  Plunk!

Well, THAT wasn’t so bad!

Flipped the engine over (good idea to have put the hole in the top of the engine stand, huh?), tried the big punch on the pulley key… No luck… However, on closer inspection I could see that there was a hairline space between the keyway and the key where I’d drilled away a lot of the key…  So, grabbed the tiny screwdriver and my little hammer…

Tap-tap-tap-tap-tap… dug the little screwdriver in behind the key,  gave it a pull, and out it came!

Here’s the two keys, and the removal tool…











Upon reflection now that the key is out, it doesn’t look like the end of the pulley shaft is torqued… Must have been an optical illusion…

Next stop, cracking open the crankcase!



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