Ahh…. Venice!

So, thought I’d take a brief holiday from tractors and jetset off to historic Venice! Here’s some pics for your viewing pleasure!

Well, ACTUALLY, I’m in Vegas, at a conference, staying at the Venetian Hotel… So called because of the historic modeling after ancient Venice, complete with a canal and gondolas… Wow, some crazy huh? This Vegas place is pretty wild… And I haven’t even been able to find my way out of this one hotel yet to see the REST of Vegas (dunno if I have the energy… Too hot here, and my knees are killing me… Gonna have to venture out at SOME point tho, ’cause I don’t like paying 4 bucks for a Coke or 6 bucks for a bag of chips here at the hotel..)…. And I haven’t seen a single John Deere since I got here!  And no John Deere store in the shops at THIS hotel!

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