Been a while, but I’m still working on things!

So, went out on the 26th and checked on the hubs. Got the snaprings off, then soaked them with some PB Blaster… Out again on the 27th, a couple of taps and I had this:

Took them both off, here’s the de-hubbed transaxle

Also hit Princess Auto for a bearing puller, dang thing was too small for the brake pulley. But it worked like a darn for the steering wheel!

Wow, those people that said get a good puller weren’t kidding! Here’s my new BEST FRIEND!

He did a heck of a job on this!

Then when I went after pulling the axle supports on the transaxle tonight, I figured I’d try him…

Uh oh… Bolts were too short!

So I did a bit of gentle tapping, which I hope had no ill effects, I guess we’ll see when I get inside… Finally got it to the point where I could put the longer bolts in and put the crosspiece on:

The right side took a LOT Of work and PB Blaster to get off, but finally it came free! I wasn’t looking forward to the LEFT side, but suited it up, using the steering wheel puller piece, since it was thinner:

Fortunately, the left one wasn’t as rusty, and it came off pretty slickly! Here it is, the naked transaxle!

I’m thinking I MIGHT be able to use the ATV Jack as a workstand for pulling the transaxle apart. This thing is proving to be a really good investment!…

Here’s the removed axle supports:

I dunno, how do I tell if these bearings need replacing? The left one looks pretty rusty and dinged, and feels a bit “gravelly” when I spin it by hand…

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