Unloaded the new blade!

Kidlet #2 got here tonight for the weekend, so I was able to get out to the garage to unload the blade and frame, so HERE’S some pictures!

So, looks like it needs a replacement scraper bar… Looks like the PO MIGHTA gone a BIT far… Especially when you look at the skids…

(When I FIRST looked at it, I didn’t think it HAD any, or that they had been taken off… No… They’ve been WORN off)

Other than that, the blade is beautiful!

The BIG question tho, is how the heck to mount the thing?

Okay, so I KNOW that the back end of the frame, with the bolt sticking out of it, will mount to my hitch plate on the back of the 110… Tried that tonight. I actually HID the thing away so it wasn’t lying in the middle of the garage floor by a) unbolting both big lever-y things off of it and b) sliding the rest of the frame under Ernie, then I did up the bolt…. Now, HERE’S the problem…

This draft bar thingy that serves as a pivot point for the blade lift is, oh, 5/8″ or so in diameter….

The front mounts on the 110 and 112 are, maybe, 1/2″ holes…
AND the front of the Berco frame is out probably 4-5 inches in front of the front mounts, and about 2″ lower… So, what do I need? Some custom-fabbed L-brackets or something, to bolt onto the front mount of the tractor then pass that draft bar through? Greensail DID offer to give me a hand getting it figured out! 

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