Digging into Wally’s engine

Whoo HOO! Bet you can’t tell what’s in THIS box!

These two just showed up today, so I decided to take a break from landscaping and get down to some work on Wally’s engine…

Once I had changed THIS out (after briefly losing one of the wrist-pin keepers when it went “spang” off the pliers…

Cleaned the piston face a bit, it came out of the block looking like this…

Rings look good…

camshaft is pristine


block, cylinder and valve seats look okay

Found that the wire from the points was broken, so fixed that. I was able to, using a hammer and screwdriver, free up the keeper on the intake valve from the ring the valve spring sits on..

Next steps – cleaning valves, cleaning block, pulling the camshaft and re-lapping the valves. These kohler’s are sure nice little engines to work on!

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