Patio is done!

Wound up out in Hinton Alberta this weekend at a memorial service for my uncle, but over the time I was gone, LTGal got the new patio finished! The bunny is…ok. It is likely he will need surgery at some point, but he is home and stable for now.

Here are some updates on the patio:

As you can see, it is pretty small, even for a tiny cafe table and chairs. So I agreed to move the BBQ and table onto this space nearer the house and LTG is getting the larger patio I built for furniture a couple of years ago:

It needs a good sweeping and a one over with the weed torch, but it is twice as big, so …..

Here are the final pictures for tonight:
Perennial Garden:

Step up to raspberry patch:

Ugly pavers around the corner of the house:

Wally’s new home after a sweep:

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