Starting to get ramped up for summer…

IF it ever comes….

Well, wasn’t really doing things ON my John Deere today, but I had the good fortune to get permission to bring the grubby old engine block from Cranky into my basement workroom. I spent the evening scraping old gasket off, cleaning off the bits of dead head gasket, cleaning up the carbon off the valve stems and just generally trying to tidy it up… Next steps, lap the valves, then take the .010 over piston I just got from MrBeef on MTF (Thanks man, it looks darn nice!) and the block into a local engine shop to get them to bore the block out to match the piston… Get them to check the valve clearance, hopefully by then my engine refresh kit will be in and I can start strapping together another engine… Crank and rod and piston from MrBeef’s donor machine, block from Cranky, carb from Wally… I’m hoping to get some nice weather SOON so that I can get another crack at getting Wally all engine-ed up and running!

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