Some John Deere History

LTGal was out and about in town the other day, and snapped this pic of one of the buildings in our downtown warehouse district… This building is a warehouse that WAS until some months ago NOT accessible to the public at all, as it sat in the middle of a old rail yard… Urban renewal, the rail yard was relocated, a road was extended through the area, and suddenly this became visible… Obviously, judging by the name, this was one of the first buildings in town…

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Here’s a bit more information about what’s theoretically happening with this building… Apparently, it was gifted to the U of S by the City in 2010, with thoughts of it becoming the new U of S School of Architecture.…84f35ccbfb&p=1

As far as I know, it isn’t actually the University’s School of Architecture YET… And judging by the budget cuts our University is in the middle of, I’m suspecting that it isn’t happening….

Another picture, much earlier….

(Considering I work for the University, boy, I’d sure like to have an office there!)

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