Work slowdown… If that’s possible!

So, not much work getting done on Bror this weekend , as Littletractorgal pulled 3 evening shifts (Fri, Sat, Sun) and so the rest of our time is either running around trying to get essentials done (recycling, garbage, lawn mowing, housecleaning etc) or me taking care of LTBabe…. BUT I did get some time sitting reviewing the service manual for the 112 in the car (waiting in the parking spot for LTGal and LTBabe), and I noticed a pattern… damage to the cylinder head – cause number 1, dirty cooling fins… Damage to the piston – one possible cause, dirty cooling fins… Damage to the valves, possible cause, dirty cooling fins…. Hmmmmm…. Based on how much crud there was/still is built up on the cooling fins, guess I SHOULD be focussing on getting the exterior of this engine squeaky clean!

So, one of the OTHER things they mention in the manual for before you remove the piston from the cylinder is “Remove carbon and ridge from top of cylinder bore with ridge reamer.” and they have this pic of a spiffy crank-like tool, the ridge reamer… Despite sounding like a cool tool to have, I wonder if there some OTHER way to do this? They give dire warnings about damage to the piston occurring if you DON’T….  What do people do if they DON’T have a ridge reamer, I wonder?

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