Feeler gauge


As I approach working on Bror’s valves, I’m gonna need a feeler gauge for measuring clearances.  Fortunately/surprisingly, I already HAVE one…This is one of the tools I inherited from mygrandfather.  When my grandmother passed away in the late 80s, I inherited my grandfather’s 1977 Ford Fairmont…  In the trunk was my grandpa’s old toolbox…  In the toolbox (along with a lot of other old rusty hand tools) was this…  I, unfortunately, didn’t get any of the rest of his tractor tools at that point, as I wasn’t REALLY into tractors at that point, AND my uncle the journeyman mechanic had dibs on all the good mechanic-y bits… I dunno if he ever used them…  Its just kinda neat to me that a tool that I’m SURE my grandpa used on this tractor will once again be used on it, 20-some years later…

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