He ain’t heavy…..

He’s my engine!

Well, next thing I’ve discovered is that little one-lunger engine is HEA-VY! Just for giggles (and ’cause I COULD), I unbolted it from the mountpoints and tried to give it a heave…. UUUUUUGGGH!! So, then I went looking for shop cranes… And then I saw their pricetags…. UUUUUGGGH! Think I’m gonna get myself some 5/8″ ply and build a fair-sized box with casters on it (I found another set of four casters while I was cleaning up the garage) to set it on, same height as the tractor, then I’ll just slide it onto it. THAT can be my work bench for the teardown…. AND I can use it for the transaxle too, at some point…
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