What Littletractor and I did today….

Here’s what Littletractor and  I did today!

Some of the things I met along the way….

These guys were taller last year… SOMEBODY thought it would be helpful to trim them down to 4 inches from 2 feet…. Wow they made a hell of a noise! Fortunately, tho, the blade just skimmed over top of it! Whew!

And even tho I walked the area, this one was hiding, buried partway in the ground until I drove over the end of it and forced the rest into the mower… Again, no damage I could see…

I didn’t take a picture of the half a golf club I found around the front of one building…. since I saw it BEFORE I hit it… THAT would have been exciting!

And here’s a bonus for the sharp of eye who probably spotted this in the pictures of the third lot!

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