My shopping list so far…

I’m getting excited about the prospect of getting this engine going, but I’m trying to be realistic.  Not to be TOO negative, but I’m kinda already working under the assumption that this engine will be (if I get it running at ALL) of limited lifespan…

So, on the brighter side, I got the go-ahead this morning from my dad (who if you recall correctly, wants this tractor back once I have it going) to buy a schwack of bits to throw at it… So here it is, my Christmas Wish Engine Restoring List:

AM31096 GASKET KIT 1 (CONSISTS OF (2) M41814, M42149, (2) M42221, M42179, M42180, M42181, M42193, M42194, M42195 AND M42202) ENGINE OVERHAUL

M82655 SEAL 2 – Oil Seals

AM31029 CAPACITOR – Condenser

AM33074 RING 1 STD, (SUB FOR AM31105) (this is the full ring set, for the standard bore

26H17 SHAFT KEY – Flywheel Key
M41335 BELT

M40109 SHAFT KEY – Pulley key (’cause I farged it by having to drill it out)

M42226 BELT

M41985 BELT

H30756 SHAFT KEY – Hydro pump shaft key (cause I lost it when I was taking the pump off… being really ambitious and assuming I can get that far)

I also already have the lock nuts for the connecting rod

The various belts are the hydro pump belt, the main drive belt and the starter/generator belt…

Things I have to hunt down are the

AM31095 PULLEY – the pulley that bolts onto the flywheel for taking the belt from the generator

And of course the breaker points…

I was QUITE surprised to find that the wiring harness was still available, AND it was only $30…

Again, this list-o-parts will certainly not be all I need, I still gotta arrange the carb, I still gotta get everything back in and hooked up and I’m sure I’ve missed some things… But its a start…

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